How do I book seats on Airlink?

How do I book seats on Airlink? 

There are situations when passengers want to reserve flight tickets, and they prefer Airlink Airlines to reserve their flight tickets. There can be questions raised by the travellers regarding booking seats on Airlink, and if the airline provides facilities to reserve the flight tickets. When there is a deep discussion about why to select Airlink Airlines, then it is said that it is the significant airline of Johannesburg and is an all kind of service provider airline.

Steps to book a seat on Airlink Airlines online: 

If there are passengers who are unknown of the steps to book a seat on Airlink Airlines online, they can follow the points that are given down. These ways are rendered by the airline to their passengers who are online and can be used. 

  • Sign in to the official site of Airlink Airlines. (

  • Go to the top of the page and click on the ‘Booking’ option. 

  • Enter the arriving and departing destination, the number of the travelers, date, and class of flight tickets. 

  • Click on the search button. A list of flights will appear on the screen with the charges of the flight.

  • Select any of the flight tickets according to your choice. 

  • Go to the detail page of the flight tickets.

  • Enter all the information about the flight, like names, contact details, and email addresses of the passengers. 

  • Click on the ‘next’ option. 

  • Select the mode of payment, and pay the booking costs.

  • Once the flight tickets are reserved, passengers will get a notification from the airline of the booking of the flight tickets.

How do I choose seats on the South African Airlink? 

If there are any questions on how to choose seats on the South African Airlink, there are a few steps that passengers can follow in order to select the seats of their choice. 

Steps to choosing a seat on South African Airlink:

  • Visit the Airlink Airlines website.

  • Go to the 'manage reservation' section of the flight.

  • Follow the prompted instructions and a new screen will open.

  • Choose the 'select seat' option.

  • A seat map will appear on the screen with available seats.

  • Select the seats you want.

  • Pay Airlink seat selection fees to book airline tickets.

What is Airlink Airlines seat selection policy?

Every airline has its own terms and conditions that every traveler needs to follow before they make any decision to reserve a flight ticket. Travelers need to follow Airlink Airlines seat selection policy, before they proceed with the seat selection:

  • If passengers have reserved economy class flight tickets, they must pay the average seat selection fees.

  • For the elite member of Airlink, there are no charges for seat selection.

  • For travelers with Business class flight tickets, seat selection has charges according to the policies.

  • For first-class Airlink seat selection, there are higher fees that passengers have to pay to their passengers. 

 How much does Airlink charge for seats? 

If travelers who are preparing to select seats ask about Airlink charge for seats, then it totally depends upon the type of flight tickets that passengers have selected. The cost of Airlink flight seat change starts from $50 and can exceed $120 per ticket.

How much does it cost to book a seat on Airlink? 

If there are passengers who are members of the loyalty program, then the Airlink seat selection fee is zero for them. Also, for the passengers who have reserved first-class or business class, one-time Airlink seat selection is free of cost. After that, there will be some charges applied by the airline that can start from $50. 

How to get a free seat on Airlink? 

Several times, when there are situations where travelers need to get a free seat on Airlink, they ask the tips to get the free seat selection. There are a few steps that travelers can follow and get the Airlink free seat selection:

  • Travelers can do an early check-in, which is 48 hours before the flight departure timing, for free seat booking.

  • If passengers are elite members or come under the loyalty program, they can have free seat selection.

  • If passengers are making seat selection from the official site of the airline, there will be no charges for Airlink seat selection.

  • For those passengers who are waiving with family or have specially-abled members with them, they can make the free seat selection.

Which is the most preferred seat on an Airlink flight?

If passengers are selecting seats by themselves and want a comfort zone to have the best and most memorable journey, they will try to have their own preferred seat on an Airlink flight. As the most preferred flight tickets that passengers ask to select are exit rows, aisle seats, window seats, and those seats that are anywhere near close to the front. This makes them feel convenient when they move around. 

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