How to get the Airlink voucher code?

How do I get an Airlink voucher? 

If you wish to discover the Airlink voucher but you didn't have any idea about this then do not worry about that in this article you have the information regarding this. Airlink vouchers can be obtained through purchase and the purchase can be done through the visa, MasterCard, and American Express but if you wish to obtain through the other mode of payment then you can contact the Airlink customer support and get the information.s of your voucher.

How to use an Airlink voucher code? 

When you have gotten the Airlink voucher code and want to know about the process to use the voucher then by reading under this title you might get the idea about that. So the steps to use the Airlink voucher are as follows.

Steps to use Airlink voucher code:

  • Go to the Airlink Airlines website ( or install the Airlink application.

  • Fill in the details of your journey such as the origin and destination with the date.

  • Tap on the search flight.

  • Choose the flight and hit on the next icon.

  • Fill out the passenger details and tap on the next option.

  • You will get to see the payment sheet and at the bottom of that, you have the voucher option.

  • Enter the Airlink voucher code which is sixteen digits. 

  • Tap on the apply option.

  • When the voucher code will apply then the available fare balance will be reduced.

  • If there is any fare difference then pay that and hit on the confirm symbol.

Whenever this process is complete then you will receive approval from Airlink Airlines on your email address and phone number. 

What are the uses of Airlink vouchers? 

If you have purchased the  Airlink voucher then you can take several benefits by getting onto the authenticated site of Airlink. Or the hint you can read to the below points and find out the use Airlink voucher code.

  • If you are willing to book the Airlink flight ticket then you can apply the voucher code and complete the process or reduce the amount to the same as the voucher.

  • You can also use the Airlink voucher to pay for any type of fee such as extra baggage, seats, or for meals.

  • There is no restriction for making reservations on any type of class, for any class booking you can use the Airlink voucher code.

  • Airlink also provides car services and for the payment of that also you can choose to pay through the Airlink voucher but according to the terms and conditions of the Airlink.

How to redeem the Airlink voucher code? 

If you are trying to redeem the Airlink voucher code then act according to the step which has been brought up in the below points.

Steps to redeem Airlink voucher code:

  • First of all, start the flight booking process.

  • Enter the flight details and name.

  • Move to the payment sheet.

  • On the payment page, you get the voucher option.

  • Enter the Airlink voucher code of sixteen digits and a six-digit pin.

  • Hit on the apply symbol.

By doing this you can easily be able to redeem the Airlink voucher.

Where can I get an Airlink promo code? 

When you are looking to get the Airlink promo code then you can check the official site of Airlink and there you are the voucher selection, under that, you will find the promo code. 

Sometimes Airlink promo codes can be displayed on the homage or if you are a regular customer of Airlink then you might get it on your registered email address. But when you receive the Airlink promo code and also have the voucher code then you can use only one at a time, both can't be used simultaneously.

For how long Airlink voucher is validity? 

When you have purchased the Airlink voucher then you can use this voucher within three years from the date of purchase. and you find the Airlink voucher validity on your voucher. If you did not find the date there then you can ask the customer support team of Airlink and they will help you through the process. And on the last date, the voucher will expire at 23.59 pm. So, you can use this voucher before that time period to take the benefit otherwise you have to forfeit the voucher fare and the airline will not be held responsible for that.

How do I check my Airlink voucher status?

When you have the voucher in your account and are willing to check the Airlink voucher status then you can refer to the points that have been raised at the bottom.

Steps to check the Airlink voucher status:

  • Open the official site of Airlink.

  • From the top of the sheet, you get the three horizontal line symbol, tap on that

  • After that, select the gift voucher option, under the accessibility title.

  • Select the order status option from the gift browser page.

  • Enter the order number with the first and last name or email address.

  • Tap on the check status.

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