Cathay Pacific Last Minute Flight Deals

Cathay Pacific last minute flight deals

Remember when there used to be times when last-minute bookings were relatively cheap. Fast forward a decade, and all that remains about these such bookings is mere nostalgia. In today’s times, flight services have raised the prices for these fabled last-minute deals with the reason being the scarcity of the resource. The flights are usually overbooked, and this results in fewer available seats for a large pool of last-minute flyers. 

How to get cheaper last-minute deals with Cathay pacific?

Well, let’s say that one does happen across immediate plans of traveling and is looking for flight tickets at the crunch moments. If you are flying with Cathay Pacific and are looking for ways to get Cathay Pacific last-minute flight deals at the best price, or to just get your hands on the ticket, this blog can give you some directions to proceed with this task.

Purchasing flyer programs

The easiest way to make last-minute bookings would be to enroll in any Cathay pacific Frequent Flyer program or membership services. There are many flyer programs available and one can look for them on the internet. 

  • One can also visit the homepage of Cathay Pacific and search among the numerous plans available.

  • The enrolled customers enjoy getting more priority over other passengers for last-minute bookings. Some specific programs are mentioned below.

Asia Miles Program

  • Various offers and discounts on travel and dining.

  • Earning the “Miles’ which can be later used as a mode of payment of cash.

  • Special Customer support for the enrolled members.

Marco Polo Club

  • One can get the Asia Miles membership by default by enrolling in the Marco Polo Club.

  • Other membership services include a special hotline for priority Customer support for anything one may need assistance on.

Using the stored Miles

A frequent flyer with Cathay Pacific can use the stored miles for various purposes ranging from getting discounts on the hefty ticket prices to last-minute deals.

  • Flyers can visit Cathay pacific homepage and sign in using their “Asia Miles” or “Marco Polo Club” details.

  • Search for the preferred flight and get to the payments page.

  • Select the “Miles Plus Cash” option to use the store miles for payment.

  • A mix of cash and miles can be used to pay in any ratio one likes.

Flexibility while travelling

One guideline that any flyer can keep with them is to be “flexible” in travelling. This can be related to either the date of the flight or the destination. Being flexible means that instead of searching the last-minute deals using a specific date or destination, one can widen the search pool by using a range of dates. One can also use the name of the city or state instead of just the destined airport. This can help in giving you more choices and hence be more “flexible”.

Better to book flights early

By now, one can agree that these days it’s better to book as early as possible. Though last-minute bookings are last-minute for a reason, one can try to be as earliest at the last minute and improve their chances of getting a Cathay Pacific last-minute flight.

If still any doubts linger or everything has been tried to no avail, one can reach out to the sincere Cathay pacific customer support for further assistance.

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