How can I change my Hong Kong Airline flight?

How can I change my Hong Kong Airline flight?

If you have a flight booking with Hong Kong Airlines that you can no longer continue with only thought appearing in your mind is, can you even change the flight date, or is it even possible to do that? Well, fear not because the following points will help you with the Hong Kong Airline flight change procedure effectively for your convenience and benefit.

Steps to change Hong Kong Airline flight

You can change your Hong Kong Airlines flight by following the below-listed points.

  • Visit the Hong Kong Airlines website.
  • Click on the option Manage Booking present in the main category section of the website.
  • It will redirect you to a page consisting of different categories and sections.
  • Select whether you are a Non-Member or an FWC Member.
  • Enter the E-ticket number of the flight, the last name of the passenger under which the booking was made, and the first, middle name in the dedicated section boxes.
  • After you enter all the details correctly, click on Manage Booking.
  • Click on the Edit option, and you are allowed to make changes to your flight booking.
  • You'll receive a notification on your registered platform after making the changes.

When can I change my Hong Kong Airline flight date?

If you are thinking about the maximum time, you can change your flight date with Hong Kong Airlines, then go through the points listed below.

  • You can change your flight 48 hours before the departure time of your flight.
  • If you made the booking with the help of the website of Hong Kong Airlines or by calling up their reservations department, you'd have to take help from the same medium to go through with the procedure.
  • If the booking was made with the help of a travel vendor, then you'll have to contact the agent regarding the situation.

Hence, you can change Hong Kong Airline flight date by taking help from the points mentioned above, and you can find a practical escape from this situation at the earliest.

How many times can you change flights with Hong Kong Airlines?

  • If you need to cancel your ticket on your own and you wish to do it for free, then you can change your Hong Kong flight for once.
  • If you need to change it again, you can do so before 48 hours of your flight departure time by paying a service charge fee.
  • If your flight ticket was canceled due to some Hong Kong Airlines fault, then you are subject to a complete refund of the amount you paid at the time of your Hong Kong Airlines flight booking.
  • Suppose you do not wish to get a full refund. You can opt for a future credit with Hong Kong Airlines to allow you to board a future flight with Hong Kong Airlines within a limited period. You'd have to board the flight within the mentioned period from the date of your flight.

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