Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance

Details about Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance

Have you planned a trip with Delta Airlines? If yes, then you need to take note of the baggage guidelines to ensure a safe and hassle-free journey. Delta Airlines always prioritizes its customer safety and has guidelines for baggage allowed on board. In case you are facing trouble with the amount of baggage that is permitted and what the baggage weight should be, you will get to know everything from the content provided below. This below-given information below is all about Delta Baggage Allowance, its policies and guidelines, and all the relevant details; have a glance at it. 

What is Delta Airlines' Baggage policy? 

 Carry-on baggage: 

  • Each passenger booking a flight with Delta is permitted to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item free of cost (such as a purse, laptop bag, or items of the same dimensions that can easily fit beneath your seat in front of you). 
  • The carry-on baggage size must not exceed the measurements as set up by the airline, that is, (56cmx35cmx23cm). 
  • Carry-on-passenger exceptions are applicable for passengers traveling with an infant-in-arms and for passengers traveling with pets in the cabin.

Checked baggage:  

As per Delta Airlines Baggage policy, if you are traveling with checked bags, follow the below-given procedures to ensure they fulfill the criteria, which are as follows to avoid any extra charges:

  • You can check up to 10 bags per passenger on flights run by Delta or Delta shuttle. 
  • Also, up to 4 bags may be checked bags on Delta connection carrier flights.  

Excess baggage:

In case the number of bags increases, the extra piece of baggage will be subject to three fees; you will have to pay compensation, one for the extra bag, the other for exceeding the weight limit, and one for going over the size restriction. However, fees are charged for each additional bag anyway. If you carry three checked bags, you will have to pay USD 150, and for bags 4 to 10, you will have to incur charges of $200 each. 

How many bags does Delta allow for free? 

If traveling with Delta Airlines, you can carry up to two free checked bags per passenger traveling in first class, Delta Premium Select, or Delta One. If the number of bags exceeds, you will have to pay additional charges.

How much luggage can I carry on Delta?

Delta Airlines allows you to carry one carry-on and one personal item per passenger for free. The weight and dimension must not exceed 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (56 x 36 x 23 cm) comprising handles and wheels.

Conclusion: The above data provides all the details about Delta Airlines baggage, policy, fees, and many more. You are advised to comprehend the baggage guidelines properly; otherwise, you might have to pay Delta Airlines Baggage fees based on various factors. Besides, in case you need to gather more information or have any baggage-related doubts or inquiries, you can talk to Delta Airlines customer service directly via phone.