Alaska Airlines Pet Travel Charge & Policy

What is Alaska Airlines' pet policy?

Understandably, passengers are concerned with their pets while traveling with Alaska Airlines. Therefore, if in case you are traveling with this airline, then you should know a few basic norms which are about the pet policy. However, when you have complete knowledge about pet policies, then you could be able to travel quite comfortably because all travelers are given the pet travel program, which consists of the transportation of your pets with complete safety and security just with a fare cost of a ticket of around $100.

How strict is Alaska Airlines' pet policy?

Now, in case you are concerned with the Alaska Airlines pet policy and also the strictness of it according to your termed pet travel preferences, then you should be getting such basic norms after you read the following passage for your help and aid. 

  • According to Alaska Airlines' pet policy, you are not supposed to occupy the emergency exit row or bulkhead row while traveling with your pets.
  • Within the main cabin of Alaska Airlines, the pets that are allowed to travel are namely cats, dogs, rabbits, and household birds.
  • Note if your pet traveling on board has an awful odor or barks and creates noise in-flight, then as per airline staff request, they can safely kept within the climate-controlled baggage department. 
  • As per the strict policy of Alaska Airlines, you can travel with cats and dogs at least the age of eight weeks old, which have been fully weaned and accustomed to getting solid eatables for 5 days continuously. 
  • The next point to remember for Alaska Airlines' pet policy is that at the time of takeoff and landing of a flight, pets should get stowed under the seat or within their carrier. 
  • The last point to consider for Alaska Airlines' pet policy is that you have to reserve arrangements quite early, as this service could take when you pick the policy of first come first serve. 

How much does Alaska Airlines charge for pets?

When you plan to travel with your pet, and you have minimal information about the Alaska Airlines pet charge, then under such circumstances, you have to go with this passage as from here you can be able to accumulate proper information and according to that $100 per pet in cabin/$150 per pet traveling within the baggage compartment. 

Is Alaska Airlines strict with pet carrier dimensions?

While you proceed to go with the option of Alaska Airlines pet travel, then as per such conditions, you have to follow strict pet carrier dimensions because then you are going to connect with travel preferences, which are termed by the Alaska Airlines pet policies.

  • Hard-sided - carrier size should be 50 - Dimensions - 17"*11"*7.5"
  • Soft-sided - carrier size must be around 50 - Dimensions - 17"*11"*9.5".

Does Alaska Airlines require pet health certificates at the time of travel?

Yes, Alaska Airlines does require the information for the pet health certificates, which you shall submit at the airport before you proceed with your journey. Note that the death certificate of the pet should be issued within 2-3 weeks before the scheduled departure of Alaska Airlines flights. In addition, airline staff will verify the documents and the pet's health conditions, and you will then be permitted to travel. 

Can I travel with an emotional support dog for free at Alaska Airlines?

The emotional support animals are not counted under the service animals. Instead of they could be considered normal pets and can be carried under the pet travel requirements and you will have to pay charges for it which must be around $100 per pet per trip and further information you could retrieve via policies.

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