How do I change my last name on Alaska Airlines ticket?

How do I change my last name on my Alaska Airlines ticket?

Alaska Airlines plans your travel when you initiate the booking process on its official website. It even allows you to manage your booking to change and cancel your flight with your desire conveniently. Similarly, if you observe the booking details need to be corrected, you can't fly with Alaska. If you don't fix that mistake before your flight, request the modification online or contact a live person instantly. If your last name's spelling is misspelled on your flight ticket, know the rules and regulations for the Alaska Airlines last name change process. You can correct your three-character minor name mistake online, but if you want to change your whole last name, connect with a live person and seek complete help to change your last name for your booked flight smoothly. 

Rules to change the last name of Alaska Airlines booking:

When you complete your booking with Alaska and want to travel to your required destination but notice your first name is correct but having an issue with your last name, you must understand how to fix this bug soon. You can't travel with any airline when booking details, including your name, do not match your documents or passport. But, if you are going through the issue and don't know how to change your last name, you must know Alaska Airlines last name change policy and prevent needless trouble soon. You can avoid facing any problem when you wish to change your name or any details of booking only by getting the points of the policy that you can read below and avoid trouble smoothly. 

  • Alaska assures you to begin the minor name corrections and legal name changes on the booking that you must complete within 24 hours of the booking.
  • If your last name does not match your passport, request a previous name by going through the official booking website and getting the contact details to share your concerns.
  • You can change your last name by showing a valid ID proof or marriage or divorce certificate and request a complete name change by canceling your previous flight and paying the difference in the charges.
  • It is standard for your surname to change after marriage; you can request a name change to Alaska by submitting the legal documents and ensuring you have changed the name on your passport that you can easily show as a valid document for a name change. 

The fee to change the last name on Alaska Airlines:

You will get the facility to change your last name on Alaska Airlines, which instructs you to pay the charges accordingly. You can simply request a name change by contacting a customer service team that is available to assist you by modifying your last name conveniently. You might be asked to pay the Alaska Airlines last name change fees, typically ranging from $75 to $200 per passenger, which you need to check accordingly. You need to show valid documents and a passport during a name change online or with a live person and plan your trip to your destination comfortably. 

Can I change my last name after booking an Alaska Airlines flight?

Yes, you can change your last name after booking an Alaska flight within 24 hours of the booking and avoid paying any penalty. If you go beyond the 24-hour grace period for major name changes or corrections, they are subject to the airline's standard name change fees that you have to pay accordingly. If you still have some doubts about changing your last name on Alaska, you are required to connect with a live person who remains always active to assist you when you need travel guidance for making your flight journey comfortable.  

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