Change Passenger Information on Alaska Airlines

Change Passenger Information on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is one of the most flexible airlines known to provide the best services and flexible policies to its passengers. In case you want to proceed with Alaska Airlines change information in the ticket, it is pretty simple. There are multiple methods available based on the source through which Alaska Airlines booking is made, including online and offline. Besides, more information is discussed in detail in the article below; stay tuned for smooth functioning. 

How do you change the passenger information on Alaska Airlines tickets? 

Alaska Airlines allows its passengers to change the information in the booking in case there are some modifications needed. You can make the changes via the website through the manage my booking section, over the phone, and also at the airport based on the source through which the booking is made. The complete process is as below; take a look: 

  • Go to the Alaska Airlines official site and log in 
  • Else, navigate to the Manage Reservation section
  • Enter the passenger's surname and booking reference, and click on 'Continue.' 
  • Choose the ticket you want to change the information form, and click on 'Edit Reservation.' 
  • Make the required changes as per your information and save to confirm it 
  • Follow the ongoing instructions, and you will get a confirmation message in a few minutes 

Does Alaska Airlines check birth certificates? 

Yes! Alaska Airlines does check the birth certificates, especially if you are traveling with the children. For your child's safety and proof of age, the airline might request you to submit the birth certificate during check-in at the airport or before boarding. 

What is Alaska Airlines change policy? 

If you are traveling with Alaska Airlines, here are the Alaska Airlines change policy highlights for your reference: 

  • You get 24 hours from the booking to modify the booking information for free in case the departure is seven days away. The change fee might apply later based on the route, destinations, fare conditions, etc. 
  • The 24-hour change flight policy applies to all Allegiant Air booking types, irrespective of the fare conditions. 
  • The Allegiant Air change flight policy applies to the bookings you made directly from the website, call center, or at the airport. It does not apply to the bookings you made via a third party. 
  • In case your new fare is higher than the original one, you might need to pay the fare difference along with the change fee. Whereas if the new fare is cheaper than the original one, Allegiant Air will credit the balance for future travel credits. 
  • Passengers with trip flex don't need to pay the change fee even if they make modifications after the risk-free period. Besides, you are allowed to make changes for free only for the first time. 

How much does it cost to change passenger information on Alaska Airlines?

You don't need to pay Alaska Airlines change fees in case your departure is after seven days, and you make the changes within 24 hours. After the 24-hour passes, if you change the ticket, you have to pay a certain amount of change fee based on various factors. Passengers with Trip Flex still don't need to pay any change fee if they change bookings once. 

Conclusion: It is pretty simple to change your information on Alaska Airlines even after the booking is done. Based on your booking sources, you can change the information via the website, call center, or at the airport. For third-party booking, you can talk to the agent directly for any modifications. Remember to go through the Alaska Airlines change policy to avoid any hassle. For more information or if you have any doubts, talk to the Alaska Airlines agent or visit the official site of the airline. 

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