How do I complain to Alaska Airlines?

How do I complain to Alaska Airlines? 

Alaska Airlines is known to have a customer-centric approach. That is why they have ensured you get the help at the right time. If you want to make any complaint, you can easily make your complaint by calling the Alaska Airlines phone number 1 (800) 252-7522.The complaints team will quickly take your complaint and provide a quick solution. 

Different ways to complain about Alaska Airlines: 

There are several ways to make complaints to Alaska Airlines customer service.

  • Call on Alaska Airlines customer service number
  • Email your query 
  • Alaska Airlines Live Chat customer support

Once you have selected the channel for making the complaint, you only need to explain your question, and your issue will be resolved. 

Let's discuss one by one in detail to complain Alaska Airlines:

Call on Alaska Airlines complaint number:

You need to call the Alaska Airlines complaint number which is 1-800-252-7522 or +1-802-430-6211. Once you have dialed this number, you only need to choose the options relevant to the issue you're facing. In the present case, you need to select the option of "Complaint." The automated system will transfer your call to the Alaska Airlines complaints team. They'll take your complaint and make sure that they sort out your query shortly. 

The steps to complain about Alaska Airlines live person on-call are:

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines website. (
  • Go to the "Help Center" section.
  • There you will find the Alaska Airlines phone number for different locations.
  • Choose the number according to your country.
  • Alaska Airlines official number is 1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR)
  • Dial the number from your phone.
  • Wait for some time, you will get connected to an Alaska Airlines live person.

Explain the problem that you have faced with Alaska Airlines flight reservation. A phone call is the best way to explain in detail to the Alaska Airlines representative. They will listen to your queries or complaints and solve them in a more suitable way.

Live chat with Alaska Airlines customer service for complaints:

Calling is undoubtedly the fastest way to make a complaint. However, it is not the only way. You can even connect with Alaska Airlines customer support through live chat options. You only need to ensure that you have followed the step-by-step guide mentioned below. 

Steps to complain to someone at Alaska Airlines on live chat:

  • Access the official Alaska Airlines website. 
  • Select the button "Help Center."
  • You will find here the "Chat Us" option
  • Click on that.
  • A chat box will open up on your screen. 
  • Choose the appropriate options for your query. 
  • Soon, your chat will be moved to an Alaska Airlines live person trained to handle your question. 

That is it. The Alaska Airlines complaints team executive will ensure that your issue will be sorted out shortly. Once the chat is over, you can save the conversation's transcript. There are several benefits of the chat option. You can go through some of it mentioned below. 

Email your complaint to Alaska Airlines customer support:

You can even email your complaint to Alaska Airlines customer support. You only need to ensure that you have followed the step-by-step guide provided below to make your complaint with the help of email. 

Steps to complain about Alaska Airlines customer service via E-mail:

  • Open the inbox of your email. 
  • Now you need to write the description of your query. 
  • Once you have mentioned the complaint, you must write the contact details. 
  • Make sure you mention the correct contact details so that Alaska Airlines real person can connect with you without any issues. 
  • While making the complaint, you need to ensure that you have also attached the relevant documents to your query. Those documents can be as simple as your boarding pass or photo ID. 

That is it. Now you only need to forward your complaint to the official email address of Alaska Airlines. 

SMS your complaint to the Alaska Airlines Executive:

You can also SMS your complaint to Alaska Airlines on the Alaska Airlines SMS no 82008. Your characters in the text message must be 160 characters or less per message.

Send a Letter to the Alaska Airlines representative office:

You can also send a letter to the Alaska Airlines representative office at the registered address. You must choose the correct address which is 

Alaska Airlines
P.O. Box 68900
Seattle, WA 98168

How do I file a formal complaint with Alaska Airlines?

To make a formal complaint, you can fill out the feedback form of Alaska Airlines. For that, you only need to ensure that you have selected the steps mentioned below to connect with them. 

Steps to file a formal complaint to Alaska Airlines via feedback form:

  • Open the official website of Alaska Airlines. 
  • Scroll down 
  • Select the " Feedback option" 
  • It will be available under the heading "Customer support." 
  • On the new page, you'll come across the form. 
  • Fill up the state, and then you'll be able to resolve it. 

That is it. It is this easy to make a complaint to Alaska Airlines.

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