How do I use my Cathay Pacific voucher?

How do I use my Cathay Pacific voucher? 

You can use the airline's voucher on the particular airline, not on other airlines as you have received it. So when you have the Cathay Pacific voucher, you can use the Cathay Pacific voucher for the different services offered by Cathay Pacific Airlines only. 

Different ways to use Cathay Pacific voucher:

Making reservation

With the help of a Cathay voucher, you can also make the reservation either online or by calling the reservation desk of Cathay Pacific. And if the voucher amount is less than the ticket fare, pay the difference and complete the reservation easily. And the process to use your voucher for reservation has been stated beneath the title.


When you wish to make the up-gradation for your seat or class, you have to pay a specific fare to make it happen, but when you have the Cathay Pacific voucher, you can use it to save your money. 


When you are carrying excess baggage while traveling with Cathay Pacific Airlines, redeem your voucher and pay for the pieces of your excess baggage at the time of payment. 


You can also use the Cathay Pacific voucher for miscellaneous purposes such as paying for making any type of special request or for the food or other in-flight services. 

How to redeem the Cathay voucher code? 

When you have the Cathay Pacific voucher, but you have difficulty with redemption, then with the help of the online process, you can easily use your voucher. 

Steps to redeem the Cathay Pacific voucher code are:

  • Go to the Cathay Pacific official website. (

  • Then at the top of the official page, you have the Marco polo club option; tap on that. 

  • Choose the redeem flight award from the redeem Asia miles column.

  • Log in to your account with the help of a username or membership number and password; 

  • Tap on the sign-in option. 

  • Otherwise, choose to sign through any social media account credentials. 

  • Later on, choose the voucher option in the menu.

  • Tap on the redeem icon

  • Now copy the voucher code, and use it according to your need.

How to book Cathay flights using a voucher code? 

However you have redeemed your voucher and wish to book Cathay flights using a voucher code, then here is the reference for that you it and make your reservation online.

Steps to book Cathay flights using a voucher code:

  • Open the Cathay Pacific official site or download the Cathay Pacific application.

  • Then select the book trip option.

  • Choose the type of trip you have planned with the origin and destination.

  • Hit on the search flight icon.

  • Later on, you will receive the list of flight forms that select the flight you wish to board.

  • Then tap on the next icon.

  • Enter the details of the traveling person, then tap on the next image.

  • Now you will get to the payment sheet, and there at the bottom, you get the voucher code option; 

  • Select that and enter the Cathay voucher code; tap on the application.

  • When the Cathay Pacific voucher code is applied, and if there is any remaining amount, then pay the amount and hit the confirm option; otherwise, get to the confirm option.

  • After completing the payment process, you will receive a message with your email address and phone number.

How long are Cathay vouchers valid? 

When you get the Cathay Pacific voucher, there is a specific limitation to using that voucher; otherwise, a voucher will get expired, and you will not be able to benefit from that. So the Cathay voucher's validity is for a period of six months, and within this prescribed time, you have to use your voucher because Cathay Pacific Airlines does not provide an extension for its voucher. But it is also uncertain that the terms and conditions of the voucher might be changed at the time of your use. Thus you can get to the Cathay customer service team the confirmation also.

How to check Cathay Pacific voucher status?

When the Cathay Pacific voucher is issued, you can check its availability either through your email address as the email address is used with the Cathay Pacific airline or after visiting the official page of Cathay Pacific by signing into your account. In these areas, you can easily check the status of your Cathay Pacific voucher. Another way can be through the customer service of Cathay Pacific.

However, by reading the article, you can gain sufficient knowledge about using the Cathay discount code easy-to-use voucher. Still, at any moment, if you find something hard o get, then you also have the Cathay Pacific customer support team to help you through.

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